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Russell's Stage in front of the Electric Hotel around 1913, built by Witchata in 1911.

Ron Davis, President, 707-823-2921,
Brad Davall, Vice President
Lavon Speer Covington, Treasurer, 707-887-9757

Mailing Address
Forestville Historical Society
P.O. Box 195, Forestville, CA 95436

All interested persons are invited to attend meetings and participate in the Society's activities.

Annual dues are set at $15.00 per person and $25.00 per family.

Board meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from September through May at 7:00 PM in the training room at the Forestville Fire Station on Mirabel Road.

All are invited to attend meetings and contribute ideas and information regarding the function of our Society and our area's history. Offices often need to be filled, so volunteers are welcome to come and help to fulfill administrative duties. If interested in volunteering, please contact: Ron Davis, President, 707-823-2921,

See below for a Website Volunteer Position to help maintain this Website.

Do You Have Historical Photos, Documents or Stories?
Photos, Documents and Captions
If you have photos or other historical objects or documents and would like to show them on the FHS Website, please call one of the board members listed above.

  • FHS does not want to be responsible for your original materials.
  • You will need to make copies of photos/printed documents in a digital form (scanned photos).
  • For objects, you will need to photograph them and submit them as digital photos.
  • You need to write the information that goes with each item.
    That text needs to be in digital form (ie: typed on a computer).
    You need to identify the item and associated text, ie:
    Photo number: 003.jpg
    Caption: The Smith Family cow barn with Paula and Jerry Smith sitting on Elsie the cow.
  • You can have a longer caption than the example above but it has to be under 230 characters (including spaces) or 3 lines of text to fit (see Photo Gallery).

You can submit family or historical stories (see Stories).

  • Your stories can include one photo with each story. This photo will not have a caption. You may want to explain the photo in your story if needed.
  • Add your byline (ie: by Maude Smith) to the story.
  • The stories are not limited to length. But if you have a long rambling story you might consider breaking it up to more than one story if that can work.
  • Please make every effort to ensure your story is accurate. FHS realizes that many stories are handed down where the telling of it may get mangled. FHS asks you to show good judgement when writing about others.

You will be able to email stories and/or deliver your CDs or DVDs with your photo copies and text to a location in Forestville. If you do not know where to get your photos and documents scanned, Ron Davis will give you that information.

FHS has the right to reject any questionable or offensive story or photograph. There may be a long wait time before your story or photographs appear on the Web site.

Website Volunteer Position
FHS is looking for a volunteer to help update the Website periodically. If you are interested in this position or know of someone who could do it, please contact Ron Davis, President, 707-823-2921,

The volunteer does not have to know how to do Websites or code. The volunteer will be trained how to add information.

Can You Help Identify Photos in our Photo Gallery or Contribute More to the Town's History?
Please review the Photo Gallery, the Stories or other information on the Website and feel free to tell us mistakes in identifying people, places and things, information you think would be good to add and, of course, typos to help FHS to proof the Website. If so, please contact any of the board members or email Ron Davis, President,

Forestville Historical Society
P.O. Box 195
Forestville, CA 95436

The History of Forestville
Photos · Stories

by Penny Hutten

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Forestville Pharmacy,
  Downtown Forestville
West County Museum,
  Downtown Sebastopol
Costco, Santa Rosa (sometimes available)

Penny Hutten lived in Forestville for 35 years and was the founder of the Forestville Historical Society in 1999. She has maintained the original Website since the mid-1990s. Hutten has allowed FHS to use her historic writings about Forestville. FHS is grateful for Hutten's continuing support.