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The Stories of Forestville's History
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 This is Main Street looking East, 1912, showing the Ross brothers' identical 1911 Cadillacs, given to them by their father. The cost at the time was $1700 each. The street was not paved until 1918.

 The town view is of Main Street looking from the east looking toward the west and Mirabel Road, circa 1900. The first store is John Egbert Jewett's drug store then...

Forestville Historical Society
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The History of Forestville
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by Penny Hutten

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Forestville Pharmacy,
  Downtown Forestville
West County Museum,
  Downtown Sebastopol
Costco, Santa Rosa (sometimes available)

Penny Hutten lived in Forestville for 35 years and was the founder of the Forestville Historical Society in 1999. She has maintained the original Website since the mid-1990s. Hutten has allowed FHS to use her historic writings about Forestville. FHS is grateful for Hutten's continuing support.