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The Stories of Forestville's History
Ron Davis Interview
by Janet Zagoria

Ron Davis was interviewed in 2010 by Forestville videographer Patricia Brunelle. Ron chats about his family, having first come to the area in the 1800s.

Downtown Photo, 1911
by Dave Henry

 This is Main Street looking East, 1912, showing the Ross brothers' identical 1911 Cadillacs, given to them by their father. The cost at the time was $1700 each. The street was not paved until 1918.

Downtown Photo, circa 1900
by Dave Henry

 The town view is of Main Street looking from the east looking toward the west and Mirabel Road, circa 1900. The first store is John Egbert Jewett's drug store then...

An Evans Looks Back
by Deane McGowen

For a 74 year old man living in the high desert to be writing about Forestville may seem a little ludicrous, especially when I moved away in 1935 at the age of 10.

Depression? What's a Depression?
by Deane McGowen

When I was asked to write a little something about how it was being a ten year old boy in Forestville during the depression I thought; this should be easy. I’ll just tell a few “poor stories” and how hard we had to work and let it go at that.

I was born in the County Hospital in Santa Rosa and brought home to live in Forestville in 1925. I have no memories of anytime before the “Great Depression”.

Forestville Loses An Irreplaceable Friend: Mondo Dagnello
by Cam Perry

First Published: 1995
The passing of a wonderful era
If the good Lord picks flowers from his garden, he took one of the best when Forestville resident Mondo Dagnello passed away this past month.

A delightful man known for his distinctive black derby and sparkling smile, Mondo quite simply loved life. His cheerful presence was welcomed by the entire community and everyone feels a sense of loss at not being able to wave hello to him as he walks up our main street.

History of the Forestville Church of Christ
by Deane McGowen

I am trying to write a little of the history of the Forestville Church of Christ as I know it. My knowledge comes mainly from three sources. One source being from early history that has been compiled by church historians such as Dr. Jerry Rushford, Professor of church history at Pepperdine University.

Silk Family
by Ken Silk

My Grandfather, Henry Silk, was a half-brother to "Silk & Son." My Great-Grandfather apparently stowed away from Frankfurt, Germany sometime in the 1800's. He came to Oakland where (according to my father) he was a stone mason.  

Speer Family in Forestville
by Darleen Speer, Granddaughter

The Speer family were really "Johnnie come lately's" to Forestville. They didn't move there until about 1908. They came to California after the 1906 earthquake, to help rebuild, James Forest Speer Sr. being an engineer, having built several bridges and buildings back in Pennsylvania, in the Beaver Co., and Pittsburgh areas.

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The History of Forestville
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by Penny Hutten

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Penny Hutten lived in Forestville for 35 years and was the founder of the Forestville Historical Society in 1999. She has maintained the original Website since the mid-1990s. Hutten has allowed FHS to use her historic writings about Forestville. FHS is grateful for Hutten's continuing support.