Forestville, California - Founded in 1869   ·   Forestville Historical Society - Since 1999
About FHS

The Forestville Historical Society was founded by Penny Hutten in 1999. The first meeting consisted of Jeff Tobes, Dave Henry, Darleen Speer and Penny Hutten. That same year Jeff Tobes, a 4th/5th grade teacher, was Chairman of the Celebration for the Centennial of the Forestville School.

Dave Henry and Bob Aldridge had been collecting pictures and the history of Forestville for many years. Henry, the local pharmacist put on regular “Dog and Pony” slide show presentations about the history of Forestville.

Subsequent meetings included the following: Lavon Speer Covington, Ross Yeager, Berniece Yeager, Lynn Botkin, Sandy Carver, Julie Carver, Warren Templeman, Florence Templeman, Verna Blanc and Hal Wood.

The current Board Members are:
  • Ron Davis, President
  • Brad Davall, Vice President
  • Lavon Speer Covington, Treasurer
  • Megan Chesnut, Secretary

The Society meets:
When: 3rd Wednesday of the month
(from September through May)
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Training Room, Forestville Fire House, Mirabel Road

For several years the Society was engaged in the production of a calendar, composed of pictures from the past. Unfortunately, the project had to be abandoned due to losses from expenditures in the production.

Train on piers passing through Forestville.
Photo colorized and used in the FHS 2005 calendar.

All interested persons are invited to attend meetings and share ideas for projects and activities. Offices often need to be filled, so volunteers are welcome to come and help to fulfill administrative duties. All ideas are welcome.

Many thanks to Dave and Kay Henry for tirelessly adding captions to the Photo Gallery (still in progress). Dave has been the Forestville historical photo keeper for many years and has done a number of slideshows with them. Forestville Historical Society is also grateful to Dave for letting the Society tap into his memory and sharing his collection of photos.

Forestville Historical Society
P.O. Box 195
Forestville, CA 95436

The History of Forestville
Photos · Stories

by Penny Hutten

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Forestville Pharmacy,
  Downtown Forestville
West County Museum,
  Downtown Sebastopol
Costco, Santa Rosa (sometimes available)

Penny Hutten lived in Forestville for 35 years and was the founder of the Forestville Historical Society in 1999. She has maintained the original Website since the mid-1990s. Hutten has allowed FHS to use her historic writings about Forestville. FHS is grateful for Hutten's continuing support.