Why People Visit Forestville
Visitors to Forestville are taken aback by its picturesque valleys laden with roaming vineyards. However, Forestville is more than a gateway to the Russian River; it is a diverse array of businesses, wineries, farming, and recreation. Forestville grew from the Spanish land grant traded by Capt. Juan Bautista Rogers Cooper from his brother-in-law Gen. Mariano Vallejo in 1834 into the town known by passing travelers as Swindle Rig. Read more...
Bess McPeak on her mare
in the hills of Forestville.
Milton Hicks, Clint Yeager, Ernest Everett Close & Clyde Fouts
on 3 Indian brand motocylces and 1 Yale (#2).
William Clark, Town Butcher
with his delivery meat wagon.
Gladys Clark, Kenny
Templeman, Edna Clark
Electric Hotel behind.
Pulling up the train tracks for the new road on Hacienda Bridge, 1937. The Henry Hess house (built mid-30s), in the upper right,
is still standing today.
Early Wine Makers & Tasters
on the Marcucci Property,
c. 1920s.